Wednesday, September 3, 2014

New season of Surly coming your way

If you hadn't noticed, 2015 bikes are already in our stores. Surly Bikes has some new stuff for 2015 as well; if you see something you can't live without, run (don't walk) down to your nearest Century Cycles store and talk to us.
Surly Ice Cream Truck
The cat's been out of the bag for a few month already on this one, but for those not plugged into the bike blogosphere, the Ice Cream Truck is Surly's new fat/snow bike. It's made for 4.8-inch wide tires like the Moonlander.

The Moonlander's not going away, so what makes the Ice Cream Truck different? The Ice Cream Truck has a more playful trail-oriented geometry, plus it's got a 190mm wide rear end with Surly's new Modular Dropout System (MDS). This means the rear wheel is built symmetrically (rather than offset like the Pugsley and Moonlander), for a stronger wheel. Plus, the MDS gives you the choice to run a 197mm thru-axle, 190mm geared rear hub, or singlespeed. The frame has a 44mm head tube, which gives you more options for a fork as well (e.g. a tapered carbon fork or suspension fork).

The Ice Cream Truck will be available in a standard version with Surly Clown Shoe 100mm rims, Surly Bud and Lou 26x4.8" tires, Shimano 2x10 drivetrain, and SRAM hydraulic brakes. It will also come in a "little brother" Ice Cream Truck Ops version, for those who want the option to go super-fat later, but want to save some weight and some $$$ up front. It's got Surly Holy Rolling Darryl 82mm rims and 26x3.8 Surly Nate tires, Shimano 2x10 drivetrain, and Avid mechanical disc brakes. Continuing the Surly fat bike tradition, you have more ability to ride through, rather than around, whatever's in front of you.

2015 Surly Pugsley
The standard Pugsley returns in a new Grassy Green color, and gets upgraded to a Shimano 2x10-speed drive train, while the price remains the same as the 2014 model ($1,749.99).
2015 Surly Pug Ops
The Pug Ops is the Pugsley's classier brother, featuring color-matched Battleship Gray Surly Marge Lite rims, nicer SRAM 2x10 drive train (including SRAM X.7 trigger shifters), and SRAM hydraulic brakes. All for $2,149.99.
2015 Surly Pug SS
Finally, for you singlespeed fans, the Surly Pug SS brings you fat bike goodness in a dedicated singlespeed package. Surly Marge Lite rims with 26x3.8 Surly Knard tires for a cool $1,500.

Surly Krampus Ops
For trail riders looking for mid-fat rubber under their feet, the Surly Krampus Ops give you Surly's revolutionary 29x3-inch tires on a platform pretty much like the original Krampus, but with the new Modular Dropout System for more drivetrain options. $2,149.99 for the complete bike.
Surly Karate Monkey Ops
Having been available for a few months but in the "new to you" category, the Karate Monkey Ops gives you the venerable Karate Monkey 29er mountain bike stock with shifty bits instead of singlespeed, and a swanky Fox suspension fork instead of rigid. New on this model is Surly's experimental translucent Spray Tan Orange paint job, which lets you see some of the metallic steel bits underneath. A steal at $1,974.99.
Surly Travelers Check frameset
For those who like to take their bike on vacation often, Surly first offered the Travelers Check frameset a few years ago. It's the Cross-Check frameset with S&S couplers that allow the bike to packed into a smaller package, which may or may not incur additional fees from the airlines. Surly later moved their coupled-frame option to the 26-inch Long Haul Trucker frameset (the Trucker Deluxe), which is still available. For those that missed the Travelers Check the first time around, it's back and badder than ever.
Surly World Troller frameset
Not to be outdone, the 26-inch off-road touring Surly Troll said "I want couplers, too!" So, bingo, there you have it with the Surly World Troller frameset. Pack your bags, buy a one-way ticket to anywhere, and pedal your butt home.
Surly Straggler 650B
Surly dips its toes in the 650B (27.5"?) wheel size arena for the first time, not with a mountain bike, but with a smaller-wheeled version of the new-for-last-year Straggler, basically a disc brake version of the Cross-Check. The Straggler 650B features blingy Shimano 2x10 drivetrain and STI shifters, and new Surly Knard 650Bx41 tires. The smaller wheel size provides a better fit for smaller riders, with less chance of toe overlap on the front wheel. It will be available in a 38cm frame, the smallest size EVAH in a Surly!
2015 Surly Long Haul Trucker in Cement Head Gray
In the "same lovable old bike, new color" category, the newest Long Haul Truckers will be coming in Cement Head Gray.
2015 Surly Cross-Check in Dream Tangerine
Check out the sweet new Cross-Check in Dream Tangerine! The new year's model also features Tektro linear-pull brakes and Surly Knard 700x41 tires.
Surly Steamroller track frameset
The Steamroller track frameset lives on in Monkey Butt Red.

All of your other Surly favorites are returning, including the Karate Monkey singlespeed and Instigator 2.0 mountain bikes, off-road touring rigs the Ogre and ECR, Pacer road bike, and cargo-haulin' Big Dummy.
Surly Big Dummy

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