Thursday, August 21, 2014

Poll: How do you feel about electric bicycles?

Sales of electric bicycles in Europe and Asia have exploded in recent years, but have been slow to grow in North America. It could be a classic chicken-and-egg scenario: consumers are not buying them because not many bike shops are carrying them, but bike shops are reluctant to stock them because of low demand from consumers.

How do you feel about electric bicycles? Click here to take our latest online poll to let us know!

Our last online poll asked "[After flat tire repair], which of these bicycling and maintenance skills would you most like to learn?" Here are the responses:

  • 60% - Shifting adjustment
  • 19% - Brake adjustment
  • 11% - Chain cleaining and lubrication
  • 5% - Bike touring
  • 4% - Riding in traffic
Our FINAL Flat Tire Repair class for the summer season is TONIGHT at 7:00pm at all three Century Cycles stores. The class is FREE and no RSVP is necessary; just show up with one of your wheels! Look for our schedule of upcoming Winter Bicycling & Maintenance Classes, which will include all of the above topics and more, starting in November.

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