Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ride Report: Medina's Sunday Services Group Road Bike Ride

L-R: Chuck, Lynne, Ted, Ed, Gail, Cathy, Nick, and Dan
The ride leader Cathy from our Medina store reports that eight people came for their latest Sunday Services Group Road Bike Ride on May 18.

"It was a brisk, cool morning which heated up quickly, thanks to the sun! We rode at a 16mph pace and everyone kept up. There were times of higher speeds, especially after the rest stop when Ed took off ahead of the pack. That encouraged a couple of guys to chase him down.

Nick and Dan are customers at the Rocky River shop and came to our ride at Krista's suggestion. They were looking for new places to ride. They enjoyed being able to ride without having cars constantly passing them. The only place we came across many cars was on Speith Road on our return trip to the shop. There was good conversation among the group as we rode the 20 miles. Only one issue; someone dropped their chain, but Ed was able to put the chain back on. A good ride was had by all!"

Our next Sunday Services Group Road Bike Rides are June 1 at 8:00am in Peninsula, June 8 at 8:00am in Rocky River, and June 15 at 8:30am in Medina. For the full schedule, see:

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