Friday, August 2, 2013

Poll: How do you greet other riders?

One of the classic cycling dilemmas is the road cyclist, decked out in a racing kit, who never acknowledges other riders, versus the friendly commuter or mountain biker that's always eager to show their support for somebody else on a bike. It's so much like the "snobs versus the slobs" that you could almost make a movie out of it! But there are exceptions, of course. 

How do you greet other riders on the road or trail? Click here to take our latest online poll and let us know!

Last month's poll asked "What's your favorite recovery drink after a long ride?" The top answer, with 32% of the vote, was "Beer/wine/martini/cocktail." A close second were "Energy drink or smoothie" (25%) and "Other" (23%). You can see the full results of the last poll here.

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