Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Metro Parks, Serving Summit County seeks volunteers for mountain bike trail committee

Metro Parks, Serving Summit County is seeking three volunteers to participate on an advisory committee for the mountain bike trails planned for the Hardy Road Area in Hampton Hills Metro Park.

Committee members may assist in flagging trail sections under construction, test riding and rating completed sections, and/or making suggestions for improvement.

Phase I of the project includes three miles of mountain bike trails and a new parking lot off Akron-Peninsula Road, south of Bath Road in Akron. The park might include more than seven miles of mountain bike trail in the next few years.

Volunteers must have a current driver's license and enroll in the park district's volunteer program, which includes successfully completing a criminal background check. The three volunteers who are chosen will have to work together as a team in support of the park district's efforts.

Individuals will be selected based on their knowledge of single-track trail construction, mountain biking experience, and their ability to work with Metro Parks staff during scheduled visits.

Applications may submit a letter of interest to Mark Avery, Project Manager, via email to or via postal mail to Mountain Bike Trail Committee, 975 Treaty Line Rd, Akron, OH 44313.

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