Saturday, July 27, 2013

Now available: RoadID App for iPhone

Road ID has been providing safety and security for cyclists, runners, and other outdoor enthusiasts with their popular medical information bracelets. Now, you and your loved ones can have additional peace of mind when you're out on the road or trail with Road ID's new app for the iPhone.

See for details and links to download the app.

Once installed, you just enter some basic information (name, address, and email address). Then, you can set up to 5 of your contacts to be notified by email or text message whenever you head out on a ride. The recipient can click on the link in the message to get a live look at wherever you are during the ride.

The app also lets you turn on a "stationary alert." This means that if you don't move for 5 minutes, your contacts get a message warning them that you haven't moved. Don't worry; if you stop for a snack or bathroom break and forget to turn off the alert, it warns you one minute before sending the alert, and gives you a chance to cancel it.

Your contacts don't need the app or any other special program to view your status or alerts; all they need is a web-capable computer or smartphone.

The app also lets you customize the information that shows up on your phone's lock screen, so that emergency personnel can find pertinent information about you without know how to unlock your phone.

The app was designed to be easy on your battery life. In Road ID's tests, battery capacity went from 100% to 50% over the length of a 4-hour workout.

You can check out Road ID's FAQ for more information.

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