Friday, July 19, 2013

It's Not Too Late to Take the Challenge!

If you haven't taken the National Bike Challenge this summer, it's not too late! And what are you waiting for?! Go to to very quickly and easily register, then just-as-quickly-and-easily log your miles (even just 1 or 2!) spent bicycling from now through September 30.

Every mile you bike and log will also help Cleveland beat Pittsburgh. Forget the football field. Cleveland is currently locked in an epic Rust Belt Battle of the Bikes, and so far Pittsburgh is (gasp! gag! eyeroll!) winning. Who knows? YOUR bike miles could turn the tide and bring us victory!

We at Century Cycles are not just talking the talk; we are biking (and logging!) the miles, led by Krista McNamee -- the riding rock star in our Rocky River store is on top of the leaderboard for Northeast Ohio women! And Century Cycles as a team (which anyone can feel free to join when they register!) is #3 in the area! #RideOn

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