Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Now in stock: Surly Krampus

What exactly is a Krampus? One part fat bike, one part 29er, and two parts awesome, the Surly Krampus rolls fast, holds speed, and devours corners. It's playful, smooth, versatile and durable.

The 29x3-inch Surly Knard tires on 50mm Surly Rabbit Hole rims are what make this bike truly special. These big tires offer increased traction, incredible float, and reduce the need for suspension, because the large volume is plenty to smooth the trail.

For the sake of simplicity, you get a 1x10 drive train. That means there's a single 34-tooth chainring up front, and a 10-speed cassette on the back, with a whopping 36-tooth low gear. All fine quality parts from Shimano.

The wide Salsa Whammy handlebars barely fit through the front door. Avid BB7 mechanical disc brakes provide the stopping power, but once you hop on the Krampus, you won't want to stop.

Review highlights:

  • "Comfort is superb and control is better than on a short travel [full-suspension bike] because the long wheelbase (43.75in on our medium bike) is inherently stable, and the geometry isn't shifting slightly on every bump." --
  • "Krampus has taught us that the bike is not different for difference´s sake, but actually rides really well." --
  • "This bike wants to go fast, and has the stability to do it." -- Dirt Rag Magazine
  • "This bike does exactly as it was designed to do--hit the sweet spot between the traction and flotation of a snow bike, with the speed and agility of a traditional 29er mountain bike." -- Century Cycles

Stop by your local Century Cycles bicycle store for a test-ride NOW. We've got a size Large in Medina, a Medium in Peninsula, and a Small in Rocky River. Of course, we'll send the size you want to the store that's most convenient for you, if you ask real nice like.

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