Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Introducing: Bicycle Fitting Services at Century Cycles

Do you want to be comfortable on your bicycle? Do you want to ride stronger for longer distances? Then a personalized bicycle fitting is just what you need.

Bicycle Fitting can benefit ANY type of rider, whether you're riding for recreation, fitness, commuting, or racing; any kind of bike you have, any brand purchased from any store. Our Fitting Service, developed in conjunction with Raleigh Bicycles, uses flexibility, range of motion, and biomechanics to determine the best position your body can achieve on your bike, taking your personal goals and preferences into account.

  • Standard Fitting: $150.00
  • Standard Fitting with a new bicycle purchase: $100.00
  • Applying our fitting to an additional bicycle: $75.00 - Must meet the following conditions:
    • Within one year of the original fitting session.
    • No injuries, surgeries, or other conditions that affect fit have occurred.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Raleigh Fitting Services?

A. Raleigh Fitting Services is a professional bicycle fitting service offered by Raleigh Bicycles dealers. Although new for 2013, the program was designed by Michael Sylvester, the foremost expert on personalized bicycle fitting. Based in Portland, Oregon, Michael practically invented the modern bicycle fitting industry, and has been fitting people on bicycles for over 30 years. He has designed and implemented fitting services for other major bicycle manufactures. Our staff received hands-on training in bicycle fitting from Michael himself.

Q. What Fit System do you use?

A. Raleigh Fitting Services is not based solely on numeric measurements, nor is it based on whiz-bang technology like video or laser scanners. We start with an extensive personal interview process to evaluate your overall fitness, flexibility, history, and future goals. We take all of this into consideration to give you a personalized fit. We fit your bicycle to YOUR body, not the other way around, using adjustments to your seat height, seat fore and aft position, handlebar size, stem length and angle, and shoe/cleat placement. Where applicable, we will also provide guidance on adjustments to your form and technique.

Q. Why do I need a bike fitting?

A. Are you experiencing any physical issues while riding your bike? Do have have pain or numbness in any part of your body, such as in your hands, neck, shoulders, wrists, knees, feet, or even your seat? All of these issues can be addressed and minimized, possibly even eliminated, with a properly-fitting bike.

Q. I know my bike is the right size for me; what would I gain from a bike fitting?

A. Bicycles come in only a handful of sizes. When you purchase a new bicycle, we select the correct size for you, and make some basic adjustments, such as the seat height and handlebar height, if possible. This process is referred as a bicycle sizing, but is only the first step. There are myriad other adjustments possible, but a full professional bicycle fitting is the only way to learn your needs to make these adjustments optimal for your physical attributes and riding style.

Q. I'm not having any issues on my bike; why should I get a bike fitting?

A. If you're not experiencing any pain or numbness on your bike, that's great! However, after a professional bike fitting, there may be some adjustments that will get you even more confortable, and help you be more efficient and generate more power. Those normal aches and pains that occur on any long ride can be minimized, or even eliminated.

Q. What should I bring to a fitting session?

A. You should bring your bicycle, cycling shorts, and cycling shoes. Plan to spend about 2 hours in the fitting session, plus about 30 minutes in a follow-up session about a month later.

Q. How do I sign up?

A. Call us to schedule an appointment with one our bicycle fitting experts! Medina: 330-722-7119; Peninsula: 330-657-2209; Rocky River: 440-356-5705.

Meet Our Fit Specialists

Tom Wiseman (Medina) - Tom has been riding, racing, and working on bicycles for over 20 years. He won the Alaska Fireweed Double Century race in 2007, served as a team mechanic for the Race Across America (RAAM) in 2011, and has been working at Century Cycles since 2007.

Kevin Madzia (Peninsula) - Kevin has been riding bicycles both on the road and off for many years. He has two cross-country tours under his belt, races a few times a year, and has been working at Century Cycles since 2004.

Brad Sweet (Rocky River) - Brad is an accomplished mountain bike racer. He's been working at Century Cycles since 2007.

This information is also available on our web site at: www.centurycycles.com/get/fit

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