Monday, April 29, 2013

Photos from Apr. 27th Night Ride on the Towpath Trail; next ride details

The spring weather held out long enough this past Saturday for our biggest-ever first of the season Night Ride. 231 people showed up! Thanks for everyone for helping us to kick off our 19th season of Night Rides on the Towpath Trail!


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Our next Night Ride on the Towpath Trail is on Saturday, May 18, 2013. It's our ride for National Bike Month and Cleveland Bike Month, as well as an official event of Friends of the Crooked River's RiverDay festival!

Find our full schedule of Night Rides for the 2013 season, as well as preparation tips, safety tips, photos and videos from past rides, at:

Oh, and if you come to the next Night Ride, you'll have the opportunity to check off as many as 17 squares on the Bike Month Bingo game!
  1. Log my miles in the National Bike Challenge
  2. Bike in the rain (hopefully not)
  3. Ride someplace I'd never ridden before
  4. Say hello to another bicyclist
  5. Add air to tires
  6. Bike at least 10 miles in one day
  7. Encourage a friend to start riding
  8. Join a group ride
  9. Participate in a special Bike Month event
  10. Ride to a date
  11. Ride with kids
  12. Ride on a trail
  13. Ride farther than you ever have before
  14. Change a bike tire (again, hopefully not)
  15. Tweet about biking
  16. Lube your chain
  17. Visit your local bike shop

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