Friday, April 5, 2013

Electra Bicycle Giveaway Winner Announced

Cyndi McCabe is presented with her prize Electra bicycle by Mike Petcher, General Manager of Century Cycles.
Congratulations to Cyndi McCabe of Elyria, the winner of Century Cycles' Electra Townie Bicycle Giveaway at the Great Big Home + Garden Show! She won an Electra Townie 7D Bicycle valued at $459.99 from Century Cycles and Electra Bicycles.

Cyndi said she's thrilled to win a great bike for around-town riding -- just what she has in mind for this summer. When presented with the vast assortment of Townie colors, Cyndi selected Polar Blue, then immediately set about accessorizing her new ride to Cyndi-ify it with a bell, basket, and much more! To see more comfortable and cool-looking Electra Townie bicycles for men and women, click here.

Cyndi's name was randonly selected from the thousands of entries we received at our booth at the home show in February. When we notified her she won, we were shocked to learn Cyndi was already familiar with Century Cycles -- her husband, Chuck Sakryd, bought a Giant Defy road bike from our Medina store last year!
Define your life. Ride a Everglades National Park! Chuck Sakryd takes his Giant Defy out for a ride in Florida.

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