Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Volunteer cyclists needed for marathon races

The organizers of the wheelchair/handcycle division for the Rite-Aid Cleveland Marathon (May 19, 2013) and the Hall of Fame Marathon in Canton (June 15, 2013) are in need of bicycling volunteers. Each wheelchair/handcycle racer will be assigned three cyclists as safety escorts.

The team of three cycling volunteers will communicate with each other and their racer. Remember that the racers sit very low to the ground, which prohibits them from seeing far down the course (see pic below). As a volunteer, if you are behind the racer, you are his eyes down the marathon course. Therefore, the cycling volunteers need to tell the racers when turns are coming and at times best way to go around traffic, with safety of all being the first concern. The front cycling volunteer will clear the marathon course so that the racer can keep momentum and move through the crowd. It is also crucial for the front cycling volunteer to stay far enough ahead to make others aware of an upcoming racer, but also making sure a gap does not occur.

The cycling volunteers may be asked to keep a pace of 12 to 22 miles per hour. Volunteers will also need to be able to change both tubular and clincher tires. Each racer will carry necessary equipment to complete such a task.

It’s an early morning. You’ll need to be on site pre-dawn. To volunteer as a support cyclist, please email
John Squires at


  1. Email John Squires at and he will provide all the details about signing up.