Thursday, January 3, 2013

Two unconventional bikes in Peninsula

A customer in the Century Cycles store in Peninsula brought us this Sun EZ-Tad SX recumbent trike for a full tune-up today. Even more interesting is the workstand that he brought along with it to make the job easier for us! The customer built the workstand himself out of PVC pipe. It's got casters on the bottom, so you can move and spin the bike around as needed while working. The wheels, pedals, and brakes are all fully operational while in the stand.

The same customer brought us this replica bicycle, produced in Catalonia, Spain in 1946. It's about 11 inches long and 6 inches high. If it weren't for the bottles of lube in the background of our display counter, you'd almost think it was a full-size bike! It's got a frame pump held in place by pump pegs, a water bottle, solid rubber tires, axle nuts, spoke nipples, and the wheels, handlebars, cranks, and chain actually turn! The brakes don't work, but it's a fixed-gear, so who needs brakes?!?

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