Monday, December 3, 2012

Gone to the kids

Yesterday, our Facebook wall ( went to the kids, with an all-day focus on the littlest bicyclists. Lots of people thought this photo was awesome:

And others learned why training wheels don't work if you're trying to teach a child to ride a bike. (And it reminded us that all our kids bikes -- including the no-pedal balance bikes -- are 15% off for our Holiday Sale through 12/31/2012.)

Twenty-one people liked this photo of a little cyclocrosser, which proves you're never too young (or too old?) to try the sport.

And still others read about how a mom got her two-year-old bitten by the mountain biking bug. If you notice, there are no training wheels on his bike:

Take a kid bicycling, won't you? It's fun for you and them, it burns off all that crazy-energy they have, it's the best way to grow adult bicyclists, and it will probably make the world a much better, kinder place.

Then take a picture and send it us -- we obviously are suckers for cool pics of cute kids on bikes.

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