Tuesday, November 20, 2012

FREE Bicycling and Maintenance Clinics

Too cold to ride? Then join Century Cycles this winter for 29 clinics on 17 different essential topics for you and your bike!
  • Cost: All FREE, no RSVP required!
  • Time: All clinics start at 6:30pm (except Saturday clinics, which start at 1:30pm) and are 45-60 minutes long.
  • Place: Simultaneously at all three Century Cycles stores (except Tandem 101 and Snow Biking).
  • Plus: Attendees also receive a 15% discount on all parts and accessories purchased immediately after the clinic. Light refreshments will be served.
To see a list of our clinics by date, go to our Calendar of Events page. You can also download the schedule in a printable document (requires Adobe Reader software).

Basic Bike Maintenance
Our most popular clinic! Learn the basic skills every bicyclist should know: How to fix a flat tire, do a pre-ride safety check, and what to carry on every ride.
When: Tues Dec 4, Sat Jan 12 (1:30pm), Thurs Jan 31 (Ladies Night), Sat Feb 16 (1:30pm), Thurs Mar 7

Roadside Repair
Learn our favorite tricks to get home safely after breaking down on a ride - how to fix a flat without tools, what to do when the chain comes off, and what you CAN'T fix roadside.
When: Thurs Nov 29, Tues Feb 19

Shifting Adjustment
Keep your bike's shifting quiet and reliable by learning to fine-tune its derailers.
When: Thurs Dec 27, Tues Jan 22, Thurs Feb 21

All About Brakes
Learn about the different types of brakes and how to adjust them to stop on a dime.
When: Thurs Dec 13, Tues Jan 15

Cleaning/Lubing Drive Trains
How to clean and properly lubricate your bike's drive train (AKA its chain, gears, and derailers) to extend its life and improve your bike's performance.
When: Tues Dec 11, Tues Jan 8, Thurs Feb 7

Dressing for Winter Cycling
Many of us ride all year long. Hear our essential tips for not getting too cold (or too hot) this winter.
When: Tues Nov 27, Tues Dec 18

Cleaning and Storing Your Bicycle
Learn the proper way to wash your bike, as well as the where/why/how to store bicycles in your home for the long, cold winter.
When: Thurs Dec 6

Bike Commuting 101
Riding your bike to work and errands can save money, burn calories, and help the planet. Learn tips to get started and stay motivated. (Also see: Riding in Traffic Clinic)
When: Thurs Jan 10, Tues Feb 26

Preparing For and Riding in the MS 150 (And Other Event Rides)
Long charity rides and multi-day events take preparation and planning. We will share our best training tips, accessory must-haves and checklists to help you succeed.
When: Thurs Jan 17, Thurs Feb 28

Riding in Traffic
We'll share how we take the lane, navigate turning lanes, see (and be seen by) motorists, traffic laws, and much more.
When: Tues Mar 5

Choosing and Using Clipless Pedals
All about selecting clipless pedals and shoes for your riding style, clipping in, unclipping while riding, and avoiding the dreaded fall.
When: Tues Jan 29

GPS and Fitness Apps
Are you ready to bring computing to your bicycling and just don't know where to start? See the latest GPS devices and learn how they (and fitness apps) can work for you.
When: Thurs Jan 3

Mountain Bike Suspension
Having your shocks tuned to your body, your riding style and the terrain can make all the difference between a good day and bad day on the trail.
When: Thurs Jan 24

Bike Touring 101
Planning a bike adventure near or far? This clinic will help get yourself, your bike and gear, and your route prepared for self-supported bike touring - from sub-24-hour overnights to weeks on the road.
When: Tues Feb 5

Tandem 101
Is a bicycle built for two in your future? Learn about the fun and unique aspects of tandem bicycles for captains (the person in front) and stokers (the person in back).
When: Tues Feb 12
Where: Medina only

Snow Biking
Get tips on riding in the snow and test ride the Surly Pugsley and Moonlander snow bikes.
When: To be announced (when the snow falls)
Where: Peninsula only

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