Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New Surly Bikes colors now in stock!

The Surly Cross-Check, in one of the most eagerly-anticipated new colors in years, is now in stock at Century Cycles!

The Cross-Check in Foamy Hospital Green has arrived, as well as a couple of the new Long Haul Truckers in Smog Silver.

Here's our complete list of in-stock Surly Bikes as of this minute:
  • Cross-Check
    • 50cm Beef Gravy Brown
    • 52cm Foamy Hospital Green
    • 52cm Robin's Egg Blue
    • 54cm Black
    • 56cm Foamy Hospital Green
    • 56cm Black
    • 58cm Black
  • Long Haul Trucker
    • 46cm (26-inch wheels) Black
    • 52cm (26-inch wheels) Smog Silver
    • 54cm (26-inch wheels) Smog Silver
    • 54cm (26-inch wheels) Green
    • 56cm (700c wheels) Smog Silver
    • 56cm (700c wheels) Green
    • 60cm (700c wheels) Green
  • Disc Trucker
    • 56cm (700c wheels) Green
  • Ogre
    • 18in Green
  • Moonlander
    • 18in Space Black
Of course, these bikes are located throughout our three stores, so call us to double-check if your favorite is in a store near you. We can always send a bike to another store for you to check out; no extra cost or obligation to buy on your part!

Coming soon: Surly Pugsley in Engine Red!

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