Thursday, April 12, 2012 likes Giro's Privateer Shoes - and we've got 'em in stock!

The folks over at got their hands (and feet) on a pair of the Giro Privateer mountain biking shoes, and they had good things to say.

One thing they were most impressed with was the ratcheting buckle strap. "With a feel that has eluded almost all of their competition, Giro’s ratchet is somehow the more satisfying and easier to use than any that I’ve used in ages."

Perhaps more importantly, the fit and performance were winners. "Off-bike comfort and traction are good, and mid-shoe tread keeps a missed pedal from being a painful experience: the Privateers would likely be a good cyclocross shoe."

One of the minor complaints they had about the shoe was the "Imperial Stormtrooper White" color. Fear not, though; we've got them in stock in Basic Black. They felt the fit was a little snug, but rest assured, they come in a Giro Privateer High Volume version (read: wider).

You can read the whole review here, then stop into one of our stores to try them on!

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