Friday, April 27, 2012

Bay Bike To School Challenge announces Raleigh scholarships

Bay Bike to School Challenge sponsored by Century Cycles is back for its fifth year with more incentives than ever for Bay Village students to ride their bikes to school. The award-winning three-week program, which kicks off at Bay Middle School and Bay High School on May 7, announces that sponsor Raleigh Bicycles will be awarding two scholarships of $1,000 to Bay Bike To School Challenge participants – one female and one male in the senior class at Bay High School.

To qualify, seniors must complete an application and submit it to the Bay High School Guidance Office by Monday, May 7, 2012. They must then bicycle from home to Bay High School at least 10 days during the Bay Bike To School Challenge on May 7 - 25.

There is no GPA requirement for the scholarships, which can be used for any sort of post-graduate educaiton. Representatives from Raleigh Bicycles and the Bay Bike To School Challenge will select the winners based on application essays showing a passion for bicycling and a commitment to a healthy life and/or environment, as well as participation in Bay Bike To School Challenge. The two scholarships will be awarded on Friday, May 25, at the school-wide assembly at Bay High School that concludes Bay Bike To School Challenge.

For more scholarship details and to download an application, go to or

“Raleigh Bicycles is honored and excited to be a part of the Bay Bike To School Challenge,” said Chris Speyer, Vice President of Product Development and Marketing for Raleigh Bicycles, a bicycle manufacturer headquartered in Kent, Washington. “We view this as a unique and inspiring program that promotes a healthy lifestyle for students and teachers alike. Bay Schools and Century Cycles are doing very special things here, and I am glad that we can play a part.”

In addition to offering these scholarships to Bay Bike To School Challenge, Raleigh Bicycles is once again providing the program’s grand prizes (two Raleigh bicycles each for Bay Middle School and Bay High School), which students can enter to win after every four bicycle rides to school between May 7 and May 25. Raleigh Bicycles will also give each school $500 if its students exceed the bike-riding milestones set by last year’s Bay Bike To School Challenge.

“The generous addition of the scholarships by Raleigh Bicycles shows Raleigh is not just a partner in the Bay Schools’ effort to make the planet a better place by encouraging students to find healthy and green methods of transportation, but that they also support the value and importance the Bay Schools place upon education,” said Jason Martin, principal of Bay High School.

Bay Bike to School Challenge sponsored by Century Cycles encourages Bay Middle and High School students to bicycle to school for three weeks in May to help the environment, improve their health and the community, and have fun. The program has had a big impact: Bay students have biked 102,803 miles since 2008, saving an estimated 113,083 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions. For complete program information about how it works, what students can win and safe bicycling tips, go to

Bay Middle School and Bay High School teams up with Century Cycles bicycle store in Rocky River to organize the program, with the support of other sponsors including Raleigh Bicycles, Subway of Bay Village, Honey Hut, Bay Village Kiwanis, Bay Schools Parent Teacher Student Association, Project Earth Environmental Club and the Bay Skate and Bike Park Foundation.

This year Century Cycles is also organizing Bike To School Challenges at Rocky River Middle School (back for its second year) and launching an all-new Bike To School in Medina at Claggett Middle School and Root Middle School.

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