Monday, March 12, 2012

Film line-up announced for Banff Cleveland

The film line-up for the Banff Mountain Film Festival in Cleveland has been announced. Check it out, then be sure to stop by your local Century Cycles to buy your advance tickets!

Photo by Jimmy Chin from the film "On Assignment"

Film Menu - Friday, April 13, 2012

The Freedom Chair
Best Film - Mountain Sports, Sponsored by Live Out There
Canada, 2011, 15 minutes
Directed and produced by: Mike Douglas
Classification: General – coarse language
Focus: Snow sports

Film Synopsis: Josh Dueck was an aspiring skier and coach until a ski accident in 2004 changed his life for good. Despite his comeback and success in the world of competitive sit-skiing, he wasn't content. Josh's dream is to tackle the backcountry and the steepest and wildest mountains in the world – and with his infectious outlook, he may just catch his dream.

On Assignment: Jimmy Chin
USA, 2010, 6 minutes
Directed and produced by: Renan Ozturk
Classification: General
Focus: photography, climbing, outdoor culture

Film Synopsis: A brief portrait of a passionate athlete who has melded climbing and photography. Jimmy Chin believes that “the most honest photos happen when both the subject and the photographer are just in the moment, and the rest of the world has just fallen away.”

On the Trail of Genghis Khan: The Last Frontier
People’s Choice Award – On the Trail of Genghis Khan (series), Sponsored by V.I.O.
Australia, 2011, 46 minutes
Directed by: Tim Cope
Produced by: Richard Dennison
Classification: General
Focus: adventure, exploration, culture

Film Synopsis: On an epic journey of truly historic proportions, Australian Tim Cope, his band of horses, and his dog Tigon travel overland 10,000 km from Mongolia to Hungary, following the footsteps of legendary warrior and nomad Genghis Khan. The Last Frontier captures the culmination of his stunning three-year journey, the crossing of the Carpathian Mountains. Photo from the film On the Trail of Genghis Kahn. 


Blue Obsession
USA, 2011, 8 minutes
Directed by: Alan Gordon, Jordan Halland
Produced by: Alan Gordon
Classification: General
Focus: Ice climbing

Film Synopsis: The beautiful and ever-changing icefalls of Alaskan glaciers provide a stunning setting for some unusual ice climbing adventures.

Hanuman Airlines
USA, 2011, 26 minutes
Directed by: Hamilton Pevec
Produced by: Kimberly Phinney, David Arrufat, Wildes Antoninoli
Classification: General
Focus: Paragliding, climbing, exploration
Subtitles: lots, multiple placements on screen

Film Synopsis: Two Nepali adventurers channel the Hindu God of Wind on their mission to launch a paraglider from Mount Everest’s summit and travel to an ocean they have never seen.

Seasons: Fall
USA, 2010, 4 minutes
Directed and produced by: Skip Armstrong
Classification: General
Focus: Kayaking

Film Synopsis: Deep canyons with steep, spring-fed creeks provide Kate Wagner with a soul-session in this paddling paradise.

Ski Bums Never Die
Canada, 2011, 4 minutes   
Directed by: Eric Crosland
Produced by: Mike Douglas
Classification: General
Focus: Snow sports
Subtitles: a few

Film Synopsis: What does it take to be a ski bum? An unending dedication to powder skiing? The ability to do anything in your ski boots? A lifelong quest for deep snow? Find out with this unusual and inspiring band of skiers in the Kootenay region of British Columbia.

Reel Rock: Sketchy Andy
USA, 2011, 22 minutes
Directed by: Peter Mortimer
Produced by: Nick Rosen
Classification: Parental guidance – coarse language, nudity
Focus: Slack lining, BASE Jumping, craziness!
Adrenaline Factor: High!

Film Synopsis: American climbing dirtbag Andy Lewis is taking the discipline of slacklining into the future as he solos the world’s longest high-lines and masters the hardest aerial ricks, while pushing his equipment to the limit. As Andy goes higher, harder, and faster with climbing, slack, and B.A.S.E., we all wonder how far he can go before it’ll be one step over the line.

Film Menu - Saturday, April 14, 2012

All.I.Can: The Short Cut (special edit for Banff Tour)
Best Feature-length Mountain Film, Sponsored by Town of Banff
Canada, 2011, 11 minutes
Directed by: Dave Mossop, Eric Crossland
Produced by: Malcolm Sangster, Eric Crosland
Classification: General
Focus: Snow sports   

Film Synopsis: Stunning time-lapse sequences, creative visuals, great skiers, and deep powder are highlights of this excerpt from the award-winning feature film that looks at snow sports and the environment.

The Man and the Mammoth
Canada, 2010, 6 minutes
Directed by: Callum Peterson
Produced by: Nathan Gillis
Classification: General
Focus: animation,skiing   

Film Synopsis: A caveman discovers skiing, thanks to his new friendship with a woolly mammoth.

Best Film - Exploration and Adventure Sponsored by Nemo
USA, 2011, 42 minutes
Directed and produced by: Ben Stookesbury
Classification: Parental guidance – coarse language
Focus: Exploration, kayaking
Subtitles: very limited

Film Synopsis: “Kadoma” is the nickname for Hendri Coetzee, a legendary South African kayaker who is known for exploring some of Africa’s wildest rivers. In December 2010, American pro kayakers Chris Korbulic and Ben Stookesbury followed Coetzee into the Democratic Republic of Congo for a first descent of the dangerous Lukuga River. Seven weeks into the expedition, tragedy struck.


Journey on the Wild Coast (special edit for Banff Tour)
Special Jury Mention
USA, 2010, 30 minutes
Directed and produced by: Greg Chaney
Classification: Parental Guidance – coarse language, nudity
Focus: adventure

Film Synopsis: A young married couple with a passion for adventure turn their camera on themselves, even in their weakest moments, as they attempt to walk, paddle and ski under their own power from Seattle to the Aleutians. Filmed over the period of a grueling year, this film reveals the rugged beauty of the wild northwest coast of North America – and the true meaning of intrepid.

Canada, 2011, 8 minutes
Directed and produced by: Adam Bailey
Classification: General
Focus: avalanche rescue

Film Synopsis: One man's quest to revolutionize the world of animal avalanche rescue. Photo from the film C.A.R.C.A.

Chasing Water
Best Short Mountain Film – Chasing Water, Sponsored by The North Face
USA, 2011, 18 minutes
Directed by: Peter McBride
Produced by: Anson Fogel   
Classification: General
Focus: Environment

Film Synopsis: Pete McBride grew up on a ranch in Western Colorado, a child of the Colorado River. After a life spent visiting other countries to tell stories as a National Geographic photojournalist, in 2008 Pete decided to follow the water from his family’s ranch to see where it ends up. This is the story of Pete’s journey, and a story about the lifeblood of the American West.

Reel Rock: Origins – Obe & Ashima
USA, 2011, 23 minutes
Directed and produced by: Josh Lowell
Classification: General – coarse language
Focus: Bouldering, competition
Subtitles: limited (from Japanese)

Film Synopsis: There’s a nine-year-old girl from New York City taking the bouldering world by storm, and her name is Ashima Shiraishi. Guided by her coach and former bouldering star Obe Carrion, this tiny master is crushing competitions and raising the bar for her peers. A trip to the bouldering mecca of Hueco Tanks provides a glimpse of the past for Obe and the start of amazing new adventures for Ashima.

Film selections are subject to change

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