Monday, January 16, 2012

Shaker Heights puts a lid on it

Kudos to the residents of Shaker Heights! They wear their bike helmets more than any other Northeast Ohio city, according to a Community Survey conducted by The Plain Dealer:
"Bicyclists with big brains who want to keep them intact, also known as those who wear helmets, are most prevalent in Shaker Heights (79%), Orange (71%), Cleveland Heights (70%) and University Heights (70%).

"Numbskulls without helmets are more likely to be seen riding their bikes in Willowick (9%), Lorain (10%), Brook Park (14%) and Parma (16%). They might be hard-headed, but when skull meets curb, no one's head is hard enough."


  1. I know you are trying to sell helmets, but to repost an insult to all of the cyclists that have done the research to learn about the limitations of helmets and know the relative risk of cycling is uncalled for.

    I'm sadden to read such an insult coming from my favorite bike shop.

    1. Lou, we’re very sorry that the Plain Dealer’s wording offended you. However, we are going to have to "agree to disagree" about bicycle helmets. We strongly believe all bicyclists should wear helmets not because it contributes to Century Cycles' bottom line, but because we know first-hand how they have prevented injuries to our employees, customers, friends and families.