Monday, December 26, 2011

History Channel's Call For Bicyclists

The History Channel's producers, who created the show American Pickers, are making a new show named Top Pickers. This new show will feature Picker Teams who will compete for the best pics, ultimately earning the title of Top Pickers and a big cash prize! For this run of the show they are interested in finding a team of cyclists who are also interested in picking.

They are searching specifically for bicyclists who are energetic, knowledgeable, and passionate about collecting. Picking Teams should be able to spot hidden treasures, know how to flip items for profit and pick better than anyone they know. Interested candidates can apply by e-mailing ASAP with a description of you and your picking partner, your area(s) of expertise, your contact information, and a recent photo.

Do you or someone you know fit the bill?? We know a certain guy who owns a few bike stores who is a darn good picker....

(Source: American Bicyclist Update)

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  1. lol...Reading the article on the 'certain guy who owns a few bike stores'...and the "bottle of single barrel Jack Daniels and $370" swap reminds me of how I acquired Olga, my green granny ride. I traded 20 bucks and a Darth Vader Lego figure for her! After some updated parts, restoration and TLC...she is a lovely addition to my bike family :)