Monday, December 19, 2011

Custom Snow Bike Wheels? No problem...

Are you a fan of the Surly Pugsley or any of the other variations of the super-fat-tired snow bikes out there? If so, you know that the wheels on these bikes are specially designed to accommodate the wide tires, plus the offset frame and fork configuration.

The wheels come with the bike, of course, but if you're custom-building a snow bike from the frame up, or are just looking for a spare pair, we can handle building them for you.

Master mechanic and certified wheel-builder Derrick recently built this set for a customer in our Peninsula store. He used Surly Rolling Darryl rims, Shimano Deore XT Disc hubs, and DT Swiss stainless steel spokes.

What's with the holes all the way around the rim, you say? What keeps the inner tube from bursting through? The rims are manufactured with the cut-out sections to save weight. Surly makes extra-wide rim strips to keep your inner tubes in place, plus the extra-low pressure (5-10psi) that snow bike tires typically use don't require a super-stiff rim.

Whether it's for a snow bike, road bike, mountain bike, or anything in-between, if you've got special needs for custom-built bicycle wheels, Century Cycles can handle them.

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