Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Letter of the Month

We received this letter after announcing our Maintenance Clinic schedule, and it's now in the running for the Letter Of The Year Award....

Dear Century Cycles Staff,

I consider myself something of an expert on the art of bike maintenance. Here's how I handle all mechanical bike issues.

Periodically, I bring my bike into Medina Century Cycles for installs, maintenance tune-ups and problem solving. I usually bring donuts via Buehler's bakery and buy lunch for Mike, Don, Tom, Chris, et al.

When I need work done, I have one of the two greatest mechanics in Western Civilization being either Don Barnett or Tom Wiseman take care of my bike. Using this technique I keep my bikes operating at peak efficiency and I always leave thinking I've received more value than I've paid for.

I have met many folks out on their bikes on the roads and bike trails of Medina and Wayne Counties and most know of Century Cycles and are agreed with me at how fortunate we are to have a local shop staffed by such knowledgeable and dedicated pros.

I do know how to keep my bike clean and well lubed and I use excellent components on my Raleigh, Cervelo and Giant bikes. But even on component selection, I have benefited greatly from the knowledge of Mike and the guys.

So there's my system for bike maintenance. I do the easy stuff and follow the motto of "Don't try this at home" for all the rest. This has resulted in thousands upon thousands of miles of successful road biking over the last 14 years on some of the greatest hills anywhere and I've yet to experience even one flat tire.

Many thanks to Century Cycles Medina for adding so much value to my life via the sublime recreation of road biking on a well tuned bike.

Just thought you'd like to know.


Greg Olsen

Many thanks to YOU, Greg -- we did like to know.

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