Monday, November 14, 2011

Breakfasting with bicyclists? Serve them cereal

Last month we surveyed Northeast Ohio bicyclists to ask "What is your favorite breakfast to fuel up before a long ride?" The folks over at Wheaties and Quaker Oats will be happy to hear that the majority of respondents prefer their breakfast in a bowl, with 45% of the votes for "Cereal or Oatmeal."

That was followed by "Other" and the write-in votes (almost 24%), many of which were combinations of the other choices. There was one vote, however, for "beer and leftover pizza" -- the breakfast of certain champions.

This was followed by "Bacon and Eggs" (16.6%), "Pancakes or Waffles" (11.9%), and a few empty-stomach advocates who voted for "Nothing" (2.3%). Don't tell Dunkin', but nobody voted for "Coffee and Donuts."

Want more insights into the best breakfasts for cyclists? Check out "Start It Up: Spin Stronger By Choosing the Best Breakfast for Your Ride" by Selene Yeager the August issue of Bicycling Magazine.

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