Saturday, September 10, 2011

Peninsula's latest bicycle-touring visitors

The early arrival of autumn weather seems to have stemmed the flow of self-supported bicycle tourers passing through our area lately. It was still pretty hot and steamy, however, when this group of young adventurers stopped by the Peninsula store on August 28.

Pictured left-to-right are Tuyen Thai, Joel Solow, and Ruth Solow. The trio are riding to Mobile, Alabama on the Underground Railroad Bicycle Route. They were accompanied by two un-named local friends riding with them for the day. You can read about the trip on their blog at:

See more pictures of bicycle tourers that have visited our stores in the Century Cycles Bicycle Touring Gallery.

Speaking of bicycle touring, the Adventure Cycling Association annually recognizes organizations and individuals who promote bicycle travel and improve conditions for bicycle tourists. Have you had an experience while bicycle touring that merits recognition? Through September 30, you can submit your nominations for the ACA's 2011 Bicycle Travel Awards. Click the link for more details about the awards and how to submit your nominations.

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