Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Define your life. Ride a bike. Play volleyball!

Folks who know Century Cycles owner Scott Cowan know that besides bicycles and barns, he also has a huge passion for playing volleyball. Needless to say, if he's on the team, we know exactly what t-shirts the team will be wearing!

Scott plays in the Rocky River Rec Department upper B league, and this team has been together for almost a decade. If you, too, play volleyball and happen to see Scott on the other side of the net, be sure to aim your spike at that setter!

Also pictured with Scott (who is front and center in yellow), from left to right: Big Ben Monter, Jenny "Spikin' Mama" Huter-Keene, Carol "The Digger" Akel, Jumpin' Joe Railey, and Smokin' Jeff Tylicki.

Go Team Century Cycles!

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