Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cyclocross 101 Clinic: Re-Cap and Photos

We had a blast at our Cyclocross 101 Clinic -- and we were the ones WORKING at it! Last Thursday, over 20 people braved the torrential downpours that fell on every part of Northeast Ohio EXCEPT this corner of Reagan Park have fun with us learning all about cyclocross.

Kevin Madzia from our Peninsula store provided the history and background of cyclocross, Sean Burkey from Raleigh gave attendees the lowdown on the bikes, Gregg Brekke from the Northeast Ohio Cyclocross Series shared race requirements and the local racing schedule, and Tom Wiseman from CC Medina told folks how to prep themselves and their bikes. One of Tom's tips? Don't lube your chain right before a race -- it will attract too much dirt and sand. Instead, lube it a few days before and be sure to wipe off the excess.

Then it was time to move to rotate through the four skill stations we set up -- obstacles, barriers, hills, and turns. Century Cycles staff from all three stores provided instruction and then consulted as each rider tried the skill for themselves. Kevin and Tom were joined by Chris Walters from CC Medina, Wes Flickinger from CC Peninsula, and Josh Ronschke and Aimee Adams from CC Rocky River. After they tried each skill, attendees were invited to combine all the stations and ride them as a mini "course."

We took LOTS of photos -- check out the slideshow below -- and have saved all the skill stations for future CX fun. Special thanks to Grunt Girl Racing for their assistance and support, and to everyone who came!

If the slideshow above is not appearing for you, click here.


  1. great event. I had fun and learned a lot. Please do this again. Thanks for putting this on.

  2. You're welcome, Rick -- thanks for coming! We had a lot of fun, too, and hope to do it again in the future. Stay tuned!