Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weekend Roundup: Hurricane-free bicycling news

Major milestone: Cleveland's first-ever bike move! -- Rust Wire

Everett Query, the brother of Rocky River's Ray Query, was recently profiled for his love of bicycling. -- The Lakewood Observer

Don't dawdle: Online registration for the Hancock Horizontal Hundred ends on September 5. -- Hancock Handlebars Bike Club

Frank Krygowski started riding his bike to work in 1977 and inspires a Vindy reporter to give it a try. -- Youngstown Vindicator

Someone finally came up with the pedal-powered RV for one. -- Inhabitat

Remember Aron Ralston, that guy who cut off his own arm? Who wrote a book called "Between a Rock and a Hard Place" that was made into a movie called "127 Hours"? He is coming to the University of Akron on September 14 to tell you the story in person. -- UAEvents

A great little video about the beauty of just getting on your bike by a man who believes the bicycle is an essential tool for living. -- Grist

This is some medicine we can get behind: Just 15 minutes of mountain biking a day can lead to a longer life. -- Fitbie

Cyclists beat airplane in a race across Los Angeles -- and it wasn't even close! -- Treehugger

The 20th Annual Norton Kiwanis Cider Festival Bike Ride is September 25. -- Norton Cider Festival

Finally, ain't it cool? Medina's Chris Walters found that bit of bike art above. -- Artist Chris Piascik

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