Monday, August 22, 2011

Roll Over America Tour makes stop at Century Cycles in Medina

This is Merrill Gay (above right) with his Velomobile, a 50th birthday present to himself. He is riding with a group of 36 other Velomobiles from Portland, Oregon to Washington, DC as part of the Roll Over America ride (visit for more information). The group is comprised mainly of Europeans, with just a handful of Americans. Merrill had a few mechanical issues that needed tending, so he swung by the Century Cycles store in Medina while the rest of the group pedaled on. He is being assisted here by ace mechanic Tom Wiseman. His Velo is built from a kit and weighs 135 lbs. Some of the other riders are on models with much newer technology that can cut the weight to as low as 65 lbs. Merrill's has an electric assist to help when needed. We wish Merrill and all the riders a safe happy journey the rest of the way!

See the slide show below (click here if the slide show is not appearing for you) for more photos of Merrill and his velomobile, and scroll down below the slide show for a brief video of Merrill pedaling out on his way.

We've also added Merrill to our Bicycle Touring Photo Gallery; check it out to see many more photos of long-distance bike tourists who have visited our stores!

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