Saturday, August 27, 2011

New Surly-ness

The other day, the folks at Surly Bikes World Domination Headquarters gave a sneak peek at the new stuff they've got in the pipeline for 2012. You can read the full details here on their blog, but for you executive types, here's an executive summary:

  • A new snow bike, called the Moonlander. Basically, a Pugsley with even wider tires (4.5").
  • New color (Black Ops) available for the Pugsley.
  • A new two-chainring crankset, the Mr. Whirly Offset Double (MWOD), designed to address chain alignment issues on Pugsleys and Moonlanders.
  • New tires to go with the Moonlander, plus more tire options for Pugsleys.
  • New lighter-weight rims for Pugs and Moons.
  • XXL sizes available on select frames for big folks.
  • The Troll, introduced last year as a frameset, now available also as a complete bike.
  • New color (Sparkleboogie) for the Pacer, plus a frame redesign to allow up to 32mm tires.
  • The Long Haul Trucker will be available in a disc-brake-only version.
  • Finally, a new frame designed for all-conditions touring. Imagine the bastard child of a Troll and a Karate Monkey--it's called the Ogre. 29er wheels, disc or v-brakes, geared or singlespeed, Surly trailer mounting sockets, oodles of eyelets for rack and fender mounting. Color: Medium Green

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