Friday, August 5, 2011

Chain-L Lube: One application, 1000+ miles, amazing results

Here is an update on a bicycle chain lubrication product we brought in and covered in this blog last November: Chain-L Lube (formerly Chain-L #5 -- the company dropped the #5 for some strange reason...).

Tom Wiseman, Assistant Service Manager in our Medina store, used Chain-L in Mike McClintock's Race Across America attempt. Here's what Tom has to say about this revolutionary chain lube:

"Fact is, I liked this stuff before, but now I am truly amazed at the durability of this lube. We used only two chains in the crossing. One was used for two weeks prior to arrival in Oceanside, California, and for 1,006 miles of the race (to Alamosa, Colorado), for a total of 1,846 miles -- including the 115-degree heat and sand of the desert, as well as two mountain passes. The second chain has 1,363 miles from Alamosa to Bloomington, Indiana, on it. Those miles included 150 miles of Kansas horizontal rain and 200 miles of 250-foot rollers in Missouri. Both chains had only one application of Chain-L Lube on them. When was the last time you went 200 miles on any road without lubing your chain, let alone 1,000+ miles? I am also impressed the second chain has only .001-.002 measurable stretch. Amazing. As Chain-L claims on their website, now I know for a fact -- it is the best lube I have ever used. Period."

Check out their web site at for the full story of this product, including application instructions and other frequently-asked questions. You can buy Chain-L Lub at all three Century Cycles stores, or on our web site.

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