Thursday, May 19, 2011

Poll results: Workplace bicycle-friendliness in Northeast Ohio

Century Cycles conducted an online poll last month to ask Northeast Ohio bicyclists "What would make your workplace more bicycling-friendly?" The overwhelming response: We need it all!

Showers/changing areas (29%), bike racks/storage (12%), wellness incentives (7%) and bike to work programs (2%) all got their share of votes, but a whopping 50% voted for "all of the above."

Where can a workplace go for help? The League of American Bicyclists has a Bicycle Friendly Business program that helps employers rate and improve their bicycle-friendliness, even offering a Bicycle Friendly Blueprint.

Where can a bike commuter go for help? Century Cycles has an online article, 5 Tips: Commuting by Bicycle (, with extensive information for bicyclists of all skill levels, including links to more articles and resources. Century Cycles’ staff at their stores in Medina, Peninsula and Rocky River – who are seeing an increase in customers expressing a desire to use their bicycle for transportation to school, errands and work – can also offer personal assistance seven days a week with insights on everything from essential gear to route-mapping.

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