Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pajama Party Prep Time!

Our 2nd Annual Pajama Party Night Ride is this Saturday -- your only chance to celebrate Cleveland Bike Week in bedtime clothes! Some of you may be new to the slumber party on two wheels, so here are five tips to prep for it:

1. Select the sartorial statement you want to make with your pajamas. For example, pink flannel is an excellent choice -- and still looks smashing with a bicycle helmet and cycling shoes!

2. Bring fresh legs to ride both the Blender Bike AND the Towpath.

3. Also bring an appetite for Twizzlers -- they just might be the only thing the sustains you until the Winking Lizard server brings you a burger and beer.

4. Gather up your courage to play "Spin the Water Bottle for Cycling Truth or Dare." Sample truth you may have to 'fess up to: How often do you wash your cycling shorts? Sample dare: Do a wheelie!

5. No slumber party is complete without a monster movie. We're not telling you what fine cinematic experience you're going to have after the ride at the Winking Lizard, but suffice it say this flick was filmed in 1964 and stars Yosuke Natsuki. Awesome.

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