Saturday, May 21, 2011

Lives Defined: Bill Cunningham

This past week I had the pleasure of seeing a wonderful documentary about a man who most certainly embodies Century Cycles' motto "Define your life. Ride a bike."
"Bill Cunningham New York" tells the story of the New York Times photographer who is in his 9th decade of life (yes, that's a fancy way of saying he's over 90) and is riding his 29th bicycle (the first 28 got stolen). Cunningham pedals around Manhattan almost daily, putting miles and miles on his bike as he lovingly, selflessly and almost obsessively captures the fashion zeitgeist of the city and serves as one of its most loyal cultural anthropologists.
To see this poignant and award-winning documentary about a dedicated artist and bicyclist, head to the Capitol Theatre in Cleveland. (Got some time to kill before the movie starts? This is a great neighborhood for that -- ice cream at Sweet Moses, coffee at the Gypsy Bean, shopping at Duo Home....)
To see his amazing work, check out On The Street with Bill Cunningham each week in the Styles section of the Sunday New York Times. (Confession: I re-order my Sunday Times sections so this one is always last, like a delicious dessert. But enough about me - I am only in my 4th decade of life and am decidedly un-zeitgeisty.) To read more Lives Defined profiles, click here. (Seriously inspiring stuff.)

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