Tuesday, May 10, 2011

1,001 students biked to school yesterday for BTS kick-off

Sunny skies greeted students for the kick-off of Bike to School Challenge yesterday, and they bicycled  to their Northeast Ohio schools in droves. Bay Middle School (pictured above and below) counted 527 bikes (almost 60% of the school), Rocky River Middle School counted 276 (almost 50% of the school), and Bay High School counted 198 (about 25% of the school) – for a grand total of 1,001 bicyclists to school on Monday, May 9, and a terrific start for the three-week program.
And the kids weren't alone. All three school principals also biked to school – Sam Giffords at RRMS, Sean McAndrews at BMS, and Jim Cahoon at BHS -- as did many teachers and administrators, who made it a “bike to work” challenge in support of the students and the program.

“It is an awe-inspiring sight to see hundreds and hundreds of bicycles parked in front of these schools. It sends a powerful message about the huge impact the students can have on the community with the simple act of riding a bike,” said Scott Cowan, owner of Century Cycles bicycle store in Rocky River and one of the challenge’s organizers. “Everyone involved with the program is just thrilled with the response on the first day and is excited for the coming weeks.”

Bike to School Challenge sponsored by Century Cycles, Raleigh Bicycles and Chipotle is a three-week program that runs through May 27 in which students at the three local schools commit to ride their bikes to school to help the environment, improve their health and beat high gas prices – plus win great prizes and have fun. For more details, check out www.centurycycles.com/for/BTS.

Rocky River Middle School staff members Peg Liberatore, Laura Brabant and Wendy Crites greet students who rode their bikes on the first day of the three-week Bike to School Challenge. The students received a BOGO burrito card from Chipotle for biking the first day and a "Ride Card" that will be stamped each day they ride to school. The Ride Card can be redeemed for a t-shirt from Century Cycles and earns them chances to win grand prizes from Raleigh Bicycles, Chipotle, Honey Hut, Bay Lanes, and more.

Rocky River Middle School teacher Dave Opdycke joined in the Bike to School Challenge.

Rocky River Middle School students filled their bike racks and started bike parking along a school fence.

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