Friday, April 15, 2011

BusinessWeek recommends the Giant Twist Freedom DX for your business commute

The Feb. 28 - Mar. 6 issue of BusinessWeek magazine highlights a few of their favorite products for bicycle commuting, or as they said, "Geek out your commute."

Topping the list is Giant's Twist Freedom DX bicycle that uses hybrid cycling technology--the electric assist integrates pedal power with electric power. It also features an upright, comfortable riding position, rear cargo rack, taillight, and chain guard for worry-free riding in your business casual attire. We've got one in stock in our Medina store, so stop in for a test ride!

Also noted is the Blackburn Flea USB+Solar headlight. Its three LED bulbs give you three hours of light, and the include USB port and solar chargers mean you have two options to help insure you're not left in the dark. In stock in all three of our stores!

The Contour GPS video helmet camera integrates the latest is on-the-go video capture with Global Positioning System technology. You can record HD video, upload it to a laptop, and see exactly where you cartwheeled over that three-inch curb! Available by special order.

Finally, when you're hoarse from yelling "On your left," and want a noise-making device with more oomph than your typical bicycle bell, the Delta Air Zound Horn packs 105 decibels, and is refillable using any standard bicycle pump. We are out of these at the moment; check back later using the product link, or give us a call to special-order one!

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