Monday, January 10, 2011

Photo caption fun: The bread bike

This photo (via Fun Pic) inspired many clever captions from our Facebook friends this past weekend. Feel free to chime in with a caption of your own!

"You'd better have a lot of Dough if you want a bike like this!" -- Michael

"This dude only rides Italian" -- Ricky

"I'll take one on everything bread please!" -- Matthew

"Didn't realize cyclists carb loaded" -- Stefanie

"Optional saddle baguette available." -- Ralph

"The owner must be half-baked." -- Laura

"Haulin' Buns!" -- Moe

"My bike serves 2 purposes - my way to work and my you have any butter so I can have a slice right now?" -- Gail

"Let's roll" -- Susie

"Flour Power!" -- Becky

"Do you spread Butt Butter on it?" -- John R.

"Well butter my buns and call me a bisquit. A yeast infection waiting to happen?" -- John P.

"Humm . . . meals on wheels? Where's the wine and cheese?" -- Krista

"Rollin on dough!" - Cheryl

"This bike rides like buttah!" -- Aaron

"One would have to be well bread to ride such a fine bicycle!" -- Matt

"I knead a new bike!" -- Debbie

"Probably stronger than the Cannondale in the background!" -- Scott

"Day Old Special , half off, eh?" -- Jim

"I was just loafin' along..." -- Mike

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