Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hand-built for you: The perfect bike lighting system

You've been looking for the perfect bicycle lighting system. You want a light that's reliable and bright, but you are tired of the hassle of replacing or recharging batteries. Now Century Cycles has customized a solution just for you: A hand-built generator front wheel with headlight, just $199.99 and now in stock at all three stores.

Our professional and highly experienced bike mechanics have chosen custom components and assembled them by hand right here in our shop to give you this front generator wheel, which we've paired with one of the brightest generator-compatible headlights you can find. Besides our expertise and attention to detail, you are also getting a great value -- we are offering this wheel package at a bargain price compared to what you'd expect to pay for all of the components separately.
We started with a Shimano Nexus Dynamo hub. It's silver-colored to match any bike, and it's got a quick-release skewer for easy installation and removal from your fork. Then we took the durable Salsa Delgado Cross rim (in black) and put it all together with 32 silver DT Swiss 14-gauge stainless steel spokes and brass spoke nipples. This wheel will stay true and give you miles of trouble-free service.

The headlight is the Planet Bike Blaze Dynamo. It's got steady and flash modes, and the optically advanced lens provides a superior beam pattern. Another nice feature: The power reserve function keeps the light shining when you are stopped at a traffic light.

The package includes everything you need to light the way on your commute or your next big tour or brevet. You'll need to install a rim strip, plus a tire and tube. Then just put the wheel in your fork, clamp the headlight to your handlebar, and you're ready to roll!

The rim can accept a standard 700C tire in just about any width, from a racy 700x23 racing tire, up to a fat 29er mountain bike tire (your bike frame may limit your tire width choice). It is compatible with road caliper brakes, cantilever brakes, or linear pull brakes. It is not compatible with disc brakes.

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