Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The bikers go bowling!

Last month we didn't get a chance to tell you what an awesome time we had at Bradnan's Bowling Center in Middleburg Heights -- the site of our Century Cycles Staff Holiday Party! Some of us hadn't been bowling in a couple decades, while others showed up with their own bowling balls, shoes and mad bowling skillz (we're looking at you, Walters!). Regardless of proficiency, a great time was had by all!

Many thanks to Bradnan's for the use of their party room for dinner, for stocking Great Lakes Christmas Ale at the bar, and for the behind-the-scenes tour by Jerry Bradnan.

So do you like that skull bowling ball above? It is a limited edition ball that was issued in tribute to the character of The Bowler in the 1999 film, Mystery Men. It is owned by Sean Burkey, our rep from Raleigh Bicycles, although it didn't really bring him much luck (bowling scores will be kept confidential to protect everyone's reputations). Even Scott was surprised when Sean reminded us that he won it at a Century Cycles bowling event over 10 years ago, when Sean was on staff with us. Of course there is a long story behind it -- ask Sean to tell it when you see him on a Night Ride this summer....

(Click here if the slide show is not appearing for you. Photo Credits: Mike Petcher and Doug Charnock)

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