Monday, December 20, 2010

Poem #3: Don't let an angry chcken hit you

We conclude this poetic Monday with this excerpt from Mike McIntyre's Tipoff column in today's Plain Dealer:

Bay Village Mayor Deborah Sutherland was riding her bike on vacation in Key West this month when a chicken flew at her head, knocking her from her bike. She found out Monday that her ankle is broken and she has to wear a boot.

"This chicken flew out at my head. She was being chased by a rooster," the mayor said.

It's been the source of jokes around town. One former neighbor, Kim Moore, even wrote a poem about the ordeal that ended with these lines:

No thanks to the bumbling police in the Keys
Who take their time, who live at ease,
We'll never find that vicious hen
So sure as day she'll strike again
And when she does, let's take no pity
She attacked our mayor? She attacked our city
Let's raise our glass and make a toast
And celebrate with a chicken roast
For we want justice, please, I beg
Find that chicken -- I'll take a leg.

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