Tuesday, December 7, 2010

From the eMailbox: Servicing a crankset

Q: Over the winter, I like to keep my bike running smoothly. I can do most of the repairs myself, but the crank is one part of the bike I haven't worked with. Will your bike mechanics at Century Cycles work on just one component -- like take apart the crank and check the bearings?

A: Sure, we can do just the service that you'd like. Does your bike have an older-style bottom bracket with loose-ball or caged bearings? If so, then we'd have to take a look at it once it's taken apart to see what kind of condition they're in and whether or not they need to be replaced or just cleaned and re-greased. It would be hard to give you an estimate until we see it.

Most newer bikes have a newer cartridge-style or sealed-bearing bottom bracket. If that's the case with yours, then for about $20-$25, we can take off your crankset, take out the bottom bracket, clean and re-grease the threads, and put it all back together. If the bottom bracket is not in workable condition, then a replacement could run about $25 and up, depending on the brand/model/type.

Feel free to stop into any of our Century Cycles stores and have us take a look at it. The turn-around time will vary from store-to-store, depending on what else we have in the repair queue at the time.

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  1. Bottom bracket bearings are the most heavily loaded bearing on the bike, and sadly the most overlooked as well. It's one of the first things to check when evaluating a bike's condition. Replacing a bad one makes such a difference!