Friday, December 10, 2010

Behind the scenes: Century Cycles staff photo

Staff photo day dawned crisp and clear -- "clear" meaning there was lots of available light for our newest in-house photographer, Ed Meyer, and "crisp" meaning it was chilly, and since the morning coffee had yet to be served, the crowd was a little slow-moving. That said (and as you can see in the video), it was nothing that a ride or two on the Century Cycles high-wheeler couldn't cure!

Still, it IS sometimes hard to get everyone to look at the photographer....

And it is sometimes hard to get them to stop photographing the photographer....

But when it all comes together, it's magic!

Speaking of magic, we've been asked if Tom Wiseman is really on top of that Giant road bike -- being held aloft by his friends, his holiday spirit, his cycling mojo, and his love for all humankind.

The answer is....well, you gotta believe in something, right? Then believe that we all -- like Tom -- can fly on our bikes.

(Photos: The Intrepid Ed Meyer. Video: Kevin "Kevlar" Madzia.)

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