Monday, November 22, 2010

New Product: Chain-L No. 5 Lube

There's a new kid on the block in the bicycle chain lubrication market. With traditional chain lubricants, you want it to be heavy enough that it's able to do the job of keeping your chain lubricated effectively, but you want it to be light enough that it doesn't attract dirt and get all gunked up right away. Most chain lubes try to strike a delicate balance between these two requirements, some with more success than others.

The makers of Chain-L No. 5 took a different approach. Your chain has more moving parts than the rest of your bike combined; it is essentially a set of over 100 bearings. They formulated a lube that will do as good a job as possible in keeping those bearings running smoothly. So, Chain-L No. 5 will take will take a bit more preparation and care when applying.

Tom, one of our mechanics in the Medina store, has been the guinea-pig for Chain-L No. 5 before we decided to start selling it. Tom could not contain his excitement about Chain-L No. 5, and in his own words, he does not get excited about too many things. He put it on his road bike in July of this year, and on his mountain bike in August. Neither have had to be re-lubed since then, and both are still running strong and smooth!

Check out their web site at for the full story of this revolutionary product, including application instructions and other frequently-asked questions.

You can now buy Chain-L No. 5 at all three Century Cycles stores, or on our web site.

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