Friday, November 12, 2010

The Lowdown on Tune-Ups

A basic bicycle tune-up once a year can go a long way towards extending the life of any bicycle. It can make an old bike run like new, plus prevent minor problems from becoming major ones. NOW is the perfect time to bring your bike in for a tune-up -- beat the spring rush, care for a bike that has been pedaled all summer long, get it ready for either more riding or winter storage, and SAVE up to $35 with the coupon below now thru November 30!

Here's the lowdown on each tune-up we offer -- all performed by professional, well-trained bicycle mechanics who will treat your baby like it was their own....

Our Standard Tune-Up costs $59.99 (save $10 with the coupon below!). It includes:

Adjust front and rear derailleurs (shifting)
Adjust front and rear brakes
Lubricate all moving parts, cables, and chain
True wheels and check hubs for tightness
Check headset and bottom bracket for tightness
Check all nuts, bolts, and pedals for tightness
Inflate tires and check for wear
Clean and wipe down bike
Test ride and safety check

Our Deluxe Tune-Up costs $99.99 (save $20 with coupon below!) and includes everything in the Standard Tune-Up PLUS:

Remove right side crank arm, chain, cassette, and derailleurs
Clean above components in solvent tank
Re-install above components

Our Overhaul Tune-Up costs $174.99 (save $35 with the coupon below!) and includes everything in the Deluxe Tune-Up PLUS:

Completely remove and clean all parts in solvent tank
Repack all bearings with high quality grease
Wax bicycle frame and fork
Install 4 new cables (2 brake, 2 derailleur) and up to 12 feet of housing (a $50 value)

* These prices don't include sales tax. If you have a tandem or recumbent bicycle, you'll need to add $20 to the price.

Now right-click on this coupon, print it out, bring it in with your bike, and we'll take care of the rest!

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