Thursday, November 4, 2010

Coupon and Tips to Prep Your Bike For Winter

Use this Fall Tune-Up Savings coupon to redeem great deals on service that will get your bike prepped for winter storage, tuned-up after a long summer of riding, or simply ready to ride when spring comes! (To print the coupon, right-click on it and then click "print picture.")

If you plan to store your bike during the cold-weather months (instead of riding it all winter!), here are some helpful tips:

Winter Storage Checklist

Service your bike - or let us do it for you!
Before storage, we recommend you clean your bike, lube the chain and all moving parts, inspect and adjust the brake pads, and put air in the tires - all things that we can do (plus much more!) in our Standard Tune-Up. Click here to learn more about your tune-up options and beat the spring rush!

Keep your bike away from damaging road salt.
Road salt and snow/rain can deteriorate a bike quickly. If you ride at all in winter conditions, re-clean and dry your bike immediately afterwards. Be wary that snow, ice, and salt dripping off of your car in the garage may be another unexpected source of contamination!

Store your bike up off of the floor.
Whether it's in your garage, basement, or shed, hang your bike by the frame or by one or both wheels. The weight of the bike will not hurt your wheels. This keeps your bike out of the way, and keeping it off the bare floor also prolongs the life of the tires. We have a selection of hooks and racks in each store, but if hanging your bike is not practical, set it on the floor on a rug or a mat made of rubber or plastic.

Special steel treatment.
Steel bikes should be kept in a heated space to prevent condensation in the tubing, which causes rusting.

Empty water bottles and hydration packs.
Don't leave water bottles in the cages. Be sure to clean and dry everything thoroughly before storage.

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