Sunday, October 3, 2010

Interbike 2010 Report - Shoes, Racks, Bags, etc.

Today's report from the Interbike 2010 trade show covers some clothing and accessories that caught my eyes.

First off, Pearl Izumi is expanding on their popular X-Alp series of cycling shoes, with a new waterproof style, plus a new model for men and women called the Fuel that features similar styling to the X-Alps, but with a smoother, lower-profile sole that is perfect for spin classes at the gym and pavement-only riders.
New to the shoe category is an upstart company called DZR Shoes that is making an SPD-compatible version of a shoe with the look of your classic Converse high-tops. They gave me a pair to try out, so look for a product review in the next few months after I have a chance to put them through their paces:
Here's a bird's eye view of all of the newest pedal models from Crank Brothers; they've dropped the Smarty and Egg Beater MXR models from the low end of the line, and re-focused with a new look on the remaining models, all fully-serviceable and rebuildable:

The bling of this stainless steel bicycle touring-oriented rear cargo rack caught my eye. It's lightweight and looks really practical and durable, but I was dissapointed that it won't be offered in black:

Speaking of bicycle touring, Topeak is entering the ever-more-crowded cargo trailer market with this new model:

And speaking of cargo, somebody wheeled this Trek Cargo bike (a Surly Big Dummy look-a-like) into the registration area; I noticed that they swapped out the stock fork for a Surly fork, showing that every bike needs a little Surly in it:
This integrated handlebar/basket is a good idea; I forgot to make a note of who the manufacturer is, but it does also come it black. On the plus side, you don't have to deal with a cheesy bolt-on bracket that slips and rattles, but on the down side, you can't easily take the basket with you when you duck into the grocery store:

I stopped in to say Hi to the folks at Detours to tell them how popular their handlebar bags have been with our customers. They are continuing their tradition of pushing the color limits with these pannier/tote bags:
We are going to be stocking a new line of messenger bags, who shall remain nameless at this point, but look here for an announcement later this year. They showed up ready for action to make custom bags right at the show:

And finally, back on the shoe front, Keen Footwear has listened to their customers' requests and expanded their line of cycling-specific models:
The two on the right are are the women's and men's Coronado Cruiser, which are not SPD-compatible, but have a stiff sole plate for more platform-pedal efficiency. The two on the left are SPD-compatible, the men's Austin Pedal and the women's Presidio Pedal, perfect for the business-casual bike commuter. The two in the center are also SPD-compatible; the Arroyo Pedal offers a cycling sandal with a wider fit more like their traditional non-cycling sandals.

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