Friday, October 8, 2010

Interbike 2010 - Electra Bicycle Company

In what I thought was my final post about there 2010 Interbike trade show, I mentioned that I didn't have a chance to get as many photos of Electra Bicycles that would have done the bikes justice. Well, no sooner did he read that did Gary Thomas, our intrepid sales representative for Electra, come through with his own collection of photos from the Electra booth, which he agreed to let us share with you in the slide show below. Electra lovers, enjoy!

You'll notice in one picture, the one of Gary with Scott Cowan, that he is wearing a t-shirt with the number "7740262" printed on it. No, that's not his inmate's the number of the US Patent that was just recently awarded to Electra for their Flat Foot Technology design. All of the Electra staff at the trade show wore this shirt to celebrate this important milestone.

The Flat Foot Technology was developed in 2003 and originally introduced in the Townie and kids' 20-inch series of bicycles, but is now used in their Cruiser and Amsterdam series as well. The innovative foot-forward design allows the rider to sit comfortably with the ability to put their feet flat on the ground while keeping the proper leg extension while pedaling.

(Click here if the slide show is not appearing for you.)

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