Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bike Aboard! on the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad

The Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad seasonal schedule has been in full swing since June! Don't forget that with the CVSR's Bike Aboard program, you can take your bike on the train for a one-way trip between any two stations for just $2!

See for full details.

This may also be an appropriate time to remind everyone reading this that the railroad tracks running past the Peninsula store are ACTIVE! Keep an eye out for the warning signals and the crossing gates as you ride or drive down Rt 303. This driver barely missed getting caught by the train just before this past weekend's Night Ride on the Towpath Trail:

And, don't park too close to the tracks, even when there's no train in sight at the moment. This Prius didn't get off so lucky:


  1. In the video, it looks like the crossing gate came down on the top of the car! Why was the car sitting there long enough before the train for the gate to come down on the car? Was there a line of traffic ahead of it that made him stop there?

  2. Rich, totally agree. When I saw that, I got pissed. Cars honk at me for not getting closer to the tracks when there's a line of cars stuck in a railroad crossing like this... But I refuse to be nudged over by peer pressure.

    Just the other day at a railroad crossing on Stow Road in Hudson, I saw a car run through the crossing as the lights started flashing at the gates were coming down. I cant believe people take chances like that!!

  3. It's even more startling when you are riding a bike across the tracks when the lights, bells, and gates get going! Nothing to do then but PEDAL PEDAL PEDAL and get off the tracks!