Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Brunswick bike paths planned after cyclist's death

All of us at Century Cycles were deeply saddened by the death of Jimmy Chapple, who died on July 6 after being hit by a car while riding his bicycle. Like many of our customers, he had become a close friend, too -- in fact, he was the responsible for many of the Medina store staff's distinctive tattoos.

We were heartened, then, to read this important news story in the Medina Gazette that Brunswick is now planning 25 miles of paths to make it safer for cyclists and walkers in the city. Jimmy's partner of 14 years, Missy Carder, is quoted in the article: “I think anything that they do to make cycling safer for people is wonderful.”

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  1. I went to school with Jim Chapple. We graduated in the same class at Brunswick (1993). I havent seen him since I graduated and I had no idea he was a cyclist. This news was surprising (and sad) to me when one of my high school friends posted it on Facebook. It's a shame. The road he got killed on is a side street. I cant fathom getting hit fatally on the kind of street most of us would consider benign. Of course, I wouldnt call Brunswick the safest place to cycle either... This story is very sad... It really brings things close to home when someone you know--who is the same age as you with the same hobby--is fatally killed on the roadways...