Friday, July 2, 2010

Bicycle Touring pair in Peninsula

These two men stopped by the Century Cycles store in Peninsula last week, while riding the Underground Railroad Bicycle Route from Mobile, AL to their home in Western New York. Bill Graves (left) is a member of the Wesleyan Church of Orchard Park, and Todd Glendenning (right) is the church's pastor. The two are calling their trip Freedom Tour, and they are raising awareness and funds to help the cause against Human Trafficking - The Modern Day Slavery.
You can read about their trip at and following their more detailed journal at


  1. Hey, Kevin, for the bike oglers in your reading audience, you need to include what bikes they are riding in your report. ;) It looks like the one guy has a Masi!

  2. I will try! I will mention it to Doug, too; he is usually the one taking the pictures of the people that stop in Peninsula, especially on my days off!

    You are right; it looks like Bill is riding a 2009 Masi Speciale Randonneur. It appears to be all original parts, including the compact double crankset! Todd's bike looks like a 2009 Jamis Aurora Elite.

  3. At least you can tell from looking! ;) That makes you a true bike geek. If were the one writing these blog entries, all these people would be "this guy on the Cannondale" and "this guy on the Raleigh Sojourn." ;) I never remember anyone's names, but I know what bikes they're riding!

  4. So what I mean to say is, you're probably better off writing them... being that I would leave out other details, like their names and the URL to their travel logs... ;)

  5. Kevin,

    Thanks for the pub. The Masi is original besides the bar end shifters that I had to have replaced along the road!

    We made it Buffalo safe and sound and I am back at work. What a culture shock for sure!

    I wear your t-shirt as often as possible - great logo and thanks for the pub again. See you down the road